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Alendronate tablets —

the gold standard fracture risk reduction treatment that patients struggle to stay on1-3

Keeping patients on alendronate tablet therapy long term has proven historically to be difficult, leaving thousands at increased risk from osteoporotic fractures.1,2

Eighty percent of patients stop alendronate tablets treatment within a year.2

One third of patients will only receive 1 pack of alendronate and will not return for further alendronate prescriptions.2

Early discontinuation with alendronate is common3

Analysis was based on a total of 151,272 patients’ data and total of 1,642,899 prescriptions. Persistency with alendronate was evaluated using data from 55,044 patients.

Binosto® – a buffered alendronate solution to help minimise gastric tolerability issues

Binosto is an effervescent, buffered solution of alendronate with high acid neutralising capacity

Binosto – offers potential to improve compliance and persistence compared with tablet formulations of alendronate4,5

  • Increasing use of 70mg weekly doses is expected to increase adherence, which may result in possible savings to the NHS due to lower fracture and hospitalisation rates6
  • Thus resulting in better clinical outcomes when treating patients with osteoporosis6

Binosto – buffering gastric pH to offer gastric sparing potential7

  • Binosto maintains a less acidic gastric environment (>pH3) than alendronate tablets in the 30 minute post-dose period
  • Buffering reduces the potential for alendronate to be in its free form thus lowering the possibility of acidic irritability
  • Binosto helps diminish damage potential in cases of oesophageal reflux

Binosto minimises GI side effects7

By minimising GI side effects, Binosto offers the potential to improve compliance and persistence compared with tablet formulations of alendronate.

Binosto may help patients stay on alendronate

Binosto may help patients stay on alendronate and avoid the need to refer to secondary care for second line therapies with more complex administration procedures.4,7

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