Binosto is a buffered, soluble, effervescent alendronate tablet formulation that addresses the challenges of gastrointestinal (GI) tolerability and patient adherence to bisphosphonates1,2

While oral bisphosphonates have broad-spectrum efficacy to reduce fragility fractures, persistence is crucial.2,3 2 in 3 postmenopausal women in the UK discontinue oral bisphosphonate therapy within a year.4

Binosto is indicated for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. It reduces the risk of vertebral and hip fractures.5

Additionally, Binosto benefited from a 36% list price reduction to support the NHS1,2*

Binosto Prescribing Information

* Price reduction live from July 2021. Available at:
osteoporosis-other-bone-disorders/binosto Accessed November 2023.

Fully soluble, buffered, Binosto enhances upper GI tolerability, supporting persistence.1,2


Avoids solid bisphosphonate irritating the oesophageal mucosa6,7

Gastric pH levels are rapidly buffered to >3, lessening the risk of damage if reflux occurs6,7


Fewer patients discontinued treatment due to GI adverse events with Binosto than with conventional alendronate tablets2


Significantly increased persistence vs conventional alendronate tablets2


Persistence rate of 81% reported in real-world patients at 1 year2


Dissolves in just half a glass of plain water (120 ml)5


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HCP Information Guide download

Please register for an instant download of our Binosto HCP Information Guide. The guide offers information on key benefits, support and background for buffered, soluble, effervescent alendronate tablet formulation.1,2

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