Preventing fractures.
Preserving resources.

The STADA Bone Health Hub contains information and bone health resources that aim to support Healthcare Professionals in preventing fractures and preserving NHS resources.

Every minute, someone in the UK suffers a fragility fracture.1

With osteoporotic fracture costs already £4.7 billion each year, the burden on the NHS is set to increase markedly as the population ages.1,2

For patients too, the consequences can be devastating. Hip and vertebral fractures tend to have the most worrying repercussions, but fractures at any site can impact on survival.3,4

Since there is no clinical specialty dedicated solely to bone health, sharing essential knowledge and tools to support the provision of optimal care for patients assumes particular importance.

That’s where our STADA Bone Health Hub fits in. As well as providing you with information on our four treatments spanning the bone health patient pathway, you will find clinical and patient guides, access to HCP educational webinars and our Bone Health Algorithm, a useful tool that aims to provide a framework to aid decision-making around treatments, developed in conjunction with the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

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While age is a significant risk factor for developing osteoporosis, poor bone health later in life is not inevitable.

Consequently, our portfolio of cost-effective bone health treatments spans the patient pathway from prevention and management of vitamin D deficiency through to treatment of osteoporosis and fracture prevention

Our portfolio offers Prevention, Treatment and Management across the bone health patient pathway

Prevent & treat vitamin D deficiency5

Prevent & treat vitamin D and calcium deficiency6

Treat osteoporosis in women after menopause7

Treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women and in men at increased risk of fracture8

Fultium-D 3


The UK’s #1 prescribed licensed vitamin D brand, with a simple 360 day loading and maintenance regimen for only £66.519,10

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Fultium Prescribing Information

The least expensive calcium + vitamin D3 brand offering a choice of swallowable and chewable tablets11

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Accrete Prescribing Information

A buffered, soluble, effervescent alendronate tablet formulation, enhancing GI tolerability and persistence12,13

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Binosto Prescribing Information



An affordable teriparatide biosimilar treatment, minimising waste with a reusable, multi-dose pen8,14

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Movymia Prescribing Information

HCP Webinar Portal

Access a curated series of educational sessions presented by experts in the field of bone health, supporting your ongoing professional learning and development.

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Bone Health Algorithm

Created in collaboration with the Royal Osteoporosis Society, this valuable tool establishes a structured framework to facilitate treatment decision-making. Supporting consistency across populations, the algorithm asks a series of questions to guide clinicians through a potential diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency and/or osteoporosis followed by a suggested treatment pathway. The aim is to optimise patient outcomes by delivering the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time in line with national NICE, SIGN and NOGG guidelines.

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We are proud to be a partner of the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

For more information on the ROS’s mission, research academy, patient support and other initiatives, please click the link

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