The UK’s #1 prescribed licensed
vitamin D brand1

Vitamin D is pivotal in the well-being of every individual.2 During the winter, 30–40% of the UK population have vitamin D levels that fall below those recommended, and 2-13% in the summer.2

Fultium-D3 is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency in adults and children, and as an adjunct to specific therapy for osteoporosis in patients with vitamin D deficiency or at risk of vitamin D insufficiency.3-6

Fultium Prescribing Information


Prescribe Fultium-D3 by name for a simple approach to prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency:3-6


Range of loading and maintenance doses to support patients of all ages3-6

Daily drops (3 are equivalent to 200IU of colecalciferol) meet vegetarian standards6; they can be used from birth onwards


Capsules come in 800IU, 3200IU and 20,000IU strengths offering flexible daily, weekly or monthly dosing3-5

Capsules are colour coded to aid dosing3-5 and they can be used from 12 years. The capsules contain gelatine, which is certified as Halal and Kosher.7,8


Doses up to 3200IU approved for pregnant and lactating women3-6


A licensed product, ensuring acceptable standards of efficacy, safety, and quality3-6,9

Always use care when prescribing in pregnancy as high doses of colecalciferol may affect the foetus. Children up to the age of six months who are formula fed are not as at risk of deficiency.

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UK-MULT-130b(2)     |     Date of Preparation November 2023